Find it in your grocer’s fancy-schmancy section.

All flavors are perfectly crafted with the finest aged cheddar and other premium ingredients.
That’s what makes them Pretty Perfect. 


Aged Cheddar with
Jalapeno & Pimiento

Our original recipe combining diced jalapeños and just the right amount of pimientos is hard to beat. Why not get all three flavors and try anyway?


Aged Cheddar with
Pancetta & Horseradish

This delicious blend combines the savory flavor of pancetta with the slightest amount of bite from freshly-grated horseradish. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them.


Aged Cheddar with
Sundried Tomato & Lemon Zest

We’ve taken sundried tomatoes imported from Italy and paired them with a hint of fresh lemon zest to create an instant classic. Hope you have a good sommelier.


Creamy Cheese with
Herbs & Garlic

This recipe combines the highest quality Neufchatel cheese with savory garlic and aromatic herbs. It pairs perfectly with everything from haute cuisine to hamburgers.

Fantastic. Addictive. It made a delicious dinner on bread with some sweet dates to complement it. I cannot wait to get more!
— Rebecca, Brittany Natural Foods Company
I just finished the last little bit of our first container. Translation, I licked the bowl! Like everyone else who has tried it, my husband and I are hooked!
— Amy, extremely satisfied customer